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  • headsets

    hey folks, does Any one know Any single ear headsets, Like the giotech EX series, that work on the Xbox elite Controllers. I'm having So much Trouble getting a headset to work, Except the full Stereo headsets, and wearing them for a while Gives sore heads' Not Sure but think you Get Larger collection of handsels to choose from IN USA, If you have them over the pond |Could Got them shipped.

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    I haven't researched a single ear but I wear the Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset. I've worn these for nearly 24 hours straight once with minimal discomfort. The bottom of the headband is padded so even though it's resting on your head, it's not uncomfortable. Also - the headphone speakers fit comfortably over the ear and they are very soft! The sound quality is great (both audio and microphone). I haven't had an issue with them yet, and I've had them essentially since the Xbox One debut.

    If I find anything else, I'll let you know!

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      hi PhiIexia, There's very little choice here, ive bought the one your talking about Just now, I've got a few headsets but the ones that worked on normal Controller are either too quiet, I cant hear others, or my mic is Too Quiet on elite. I'm Just used to wearing the Single ear type.


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        They need to start making these for the xbox one.
        I used to use this for my 360 and from what you seem to be looking for it would be perfect. I used to use this bad boy for hours and i barley knew it was there. I'd do some research on upgraded versions of this to see if they've made anything like it since.

        Now the downside to this is I believe that they only had party and chat features and you could NOT hear the game through these.


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          hi orsino18 Ive used This Type on play station for years,

          I only Got xbox Last year.using the chat adapter for Xbox Controller you Could use these with Xbox. that no Longer works, and there Are No in-line-chat messengers Like the one for the 360, And these are not Compatible.its really Surprisiny That you Cant get AnythinG Like this now, the ps4 has a bluetooth version and an earbud type like you use with a phone to listen to music. I only Need It for the chat So wearing full headset Just feels heavy on me.



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            I mean if it really comes down to it you could just get a kinect, since it does have a built in mic. Though it isn't the best if you are sitting more than 5ft away from your device. I use mine from time to time without any issues and I actually prefer it when streaming through xbox.

            Other than that I'm not too sure what else to suggest. I just hope they start making some of the old ones that I listed before. I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't have any currently.