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Need help on how to upgrade graphics card

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  • Need help on how to upgrade graphics card

    I am writing this cause I am unsure as to what would be considered a upgrade for my PC I have Alien Ware X51 Model PC the graphics card i have currently is a (Ge force GTX 555) I have been to this can you run it website for PC games' that are coming out and from the looks of it I meet minimum and recommended standards for everything the but the card.The game I most interested in is Over watch so I don't know what can fit and work in my model PC. When it comes to the graphics card I like to stay away used just cause I'm new to this and the card be affordable if you can help on any ideas' I sure would appreciate it

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    Dell bought out alienware a few years ago and all dell devices have a service tag number. If you put the service tag number into the dell support site it give you your computers configuration that it was purchased with.(If you can not find the service tag number, go to the link i provided and there should be an option "Auto detect my product", this should find your service tag number if you have one.) From here some simple model numbers in google should give you graphics cards that your mother board are compatible with. Also, while on the dell site looking at your config, under graphics card, there should be an option for other cards that the PC can come with. This is also useful information. Let me know if you need any other help and I can probably talk you through picking one out over skype or something.


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      The X51 was the slim setup, so that has 2 separate drawbacks, 1 thing being of which I believe is the included 300watt power supply, and the other issue being the selection of vid cards that will actually fit in that case.

      You may be able to throw a 750 Ti, one of the smaller mini models, I'd get ahold of Dell to verify honestly. That or if Dell's service will help you as orsino mentioned in the post above. If you do upgrade though I feel you may be in need of a power supply upgrade as well.
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