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    No schedule yet as I'm just getting into this.
    I will probably stream mainly Halo, but may do other online multiplayers.

    Shoutout to my boy H2O Mad Dog, QB4L, the better half of my soul, Callisto, my parents, H2O Monsta and PMS Sireniix, and my grandsister, Iczoxochitl PMS.
    Shoutout to PMS Mercy too, the adopted sister and the maker of sigs.


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      Can you please do me a huge favor? I am trying to get into the Twitch Affiliates program and need 50 followers, can you follow you on me on Twitch so that I can achieve that goal? My twitch is
      I would greatly appreciate it and love you forever! (I also stream Gears of War, here on the PMS Twitch Channel almost every Thursday night from 7-9pm EST, except this Thursday... I have a schedule conflict, instead, I'll be on Friday 9-11) But, please, follow me! I need the numbers to make it! Help a girl out! I'm a stay at home mom right now studying to my photography certifications!!!

      <3 special shout out to my sister, EVILJAK PMS


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        Just recently got into streaming and would love for some PMS and H2O love on my twitch! I stream pretty frequently.
        Love to PmsPhoniexRaine | Rabbit | Grunt | Callisto | Lightning | Deuces
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          My twitch is:
          I have no schedule and my internet is not that good so I don't stream often, but when I do stream its mainly Minecraft.

          H2O Bond: H2O Lone Wolf
          Big Sister: PMSPhoenixRaine
          Little Sisters: PMS Loki; PMS Sireniix


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            My twitch is:
            I hardly stream that much but I would like to get back into it.


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