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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Tony, and I live near Pittsburgh, PA. My tags are usually whatever variation of IGNIS I can get approved, or older accounts may be ShadowHawk. I found this community because I was looking for people to help me rank up in Overwatch in r/Overwatch_LFG. I've been playing since the open beta, and was originally gold tier, but my desktop died and I did not have the funds to fix it. However I loved that game so much that I continued to play on a laptop which was not up to spec, so I had been steadily declining since then. I recently was able to revive my PC using spare parts, and have been trying to climb out of bronze, but the lack of communication and cooperation in the playerbase have made it extremely difficult.

    I have been a gamer nearly all of my life, but I've never sought membership in a clan before; I've always had a sorta lone wolf demeanor. I grew up on consoles, owning various generations from the big three, and I still have my N64 and 360, but I've always really been more of a PC gamer. My Steam library is quite decent because of my long gaming history, and a few choice humble bundles, but the two games I play most are Overwatch and EVE Online. EVE was the first place I was ever really involved with a group of gamers, it is undoubtedly my favorite game of all time. I started in 09, cycling trial accounts, and finally made my first permanent character in 2010. Eventually, I joined up with a null security sovereignty holding alliance, and those people became like a second family to me. I do not play EVE nearly as much as I used to because much of the alliance went our separate ways and, while it is now free-to-play, all of my characters are of the age where I cannot fly most of their ships without an Omega subscription, which I cannot afford right now. However, if anyone else plays, or would be interested in learning, I would love to fly with you!

    I am looking forward to meeting everyone!

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    Hey hey welcome! I hear the bronze struggle. I was there too and itís rough. Iím plat on my main but just leveled a second account that will probably be silver we can queue on.

    XBL: SammichMakr PMS PSN: SammichMakrPMS
    B.Net: SandwichMakr#1299 Steam: SandwichMakrPro


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      Awesome! I started the season off just barely above 500, but I've managed to climb past 800 so far. I think I'm currently sitting at 770 because I played with some one-trick Hanzos the other day lost a hard fought match last night. I'd least like to make it back to gold eventually, because my friends that I played the beta with are mostly gold/plat now, and I want to be able to play competitive with them again.