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  • Hi

    my name is Zach i live in hawaii i love to play overwatch and basicly have no life i play phara reaper and zennyata and i am learning genji doomfist anna and lucio ever wanna play with me msg me in overwatch zachAR#11609
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    Hey Zach! Welcome to the forums!

    I hope you were able to play with the Overwatch group last night - I know you were looking for an invite! Myself - I'm a support main primarily (Mercy, Moira, Ana, and Zen are my favorites). I can do some tanking with Winston and Zarya - though I'm pretty crappy with the others. T_T

    I've been trying to slowly pick up Rein so I can main tank as necessary & some DPS with Sombra, McCree, and Pharah.

    XBL: phelixia pms ∙ notphelixia # 1548
    Rabbit ∙ Deuces ∙ Sireniix ∙ SammichMakr

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