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  • Hello!

    With my division, I may have lost some reputation with my actions, but I've learned from that! I am up for more interactions with others and I'll be more mindful when speaking. I generally do have a problem with that, and I have been speaking slower and slower.

    Me myself right now, am in a rough patch. I have to wear an eye patch until Christmas 2017, I have several minor infections, and have been super busy treating them, and have been busy planning Christmas parties. And by tomorrow I should be back to normal. Well, except for my eye and my infections.... Hope everyone which whom I have offended is alright! And thanks to PMS Puppet to keeping me on my feet!
    "Does anyone have any orange slices?"

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    Hello Sushi

    I've seen you a lot on our Discord channel! I'm sorry to hear you're in a rough patch right now

    I hope you take the time to take care of yourself <3 Your health will always be top priority!

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      Thanks! I'm trying to be on the forums more to check stuff out!
      "Does anyone have any orange slices?"


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        Hey mate! I'm sorry to hear about your struggles If you ever need someone to vent to or anything you can always reach out to me! Life is one big emotional roller coaster, there is no reason we cant send hugs of comfort to one another like PMS Puppet has. I haven't met her but I give props to anyone that kind I hope you have a speedy and great recovery!
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