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  • Hello!

    With my division, I may have lost some reputation with my actions, but I've learned from that! I am up for more interactions with others and I'll be more mindful when speaking. I generally do have a problem with that, and I have been speaking slower and slower.

    Me myself right now, am in a rough patch. I have to wear an eye patch until Christmas 2017, I have several minor infections, and have been super busy treating them, and have been busy planning Christmas parties. And by tomorrow I should be back to normal. Well, except for my eye and my infections.... Hope everyone which whom I have offended is alright! And thanks to PMS Puppet to keeping me on my feet!

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    Hello Sushi

    I've seen you a lot on our Discord channel! I'm sorry to hear you're in a rough patch right now

    I hope you take the time to take care of yourself <3 Your health will always be top priority!

    XBL: phelixia pms ∙ Phelixia25 #1873
    Rabbit ∙ Deuces ∙ Sireniix ∙ SammichMakr
    ♥Love to my Grand-Littles♥


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      Thanks! I'm trying to be on the forums more to check stuff out!