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Hi everyone! ::takes sip of coffee::

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  • Hi everyone! ::takes sip of coffee::

    So, I am Tiffany, I live in Southern California, and spend my days working out, gaming, and chillin with my giant dog Sheldon. I started gaming back in the first days of Gameboy Color, and haven't stopped since! I usually play on Xbox (ShelNel1018) and PC. Overwatch is my #1 game, and I hope to get better at it every day. I am always mellow...except for on occasion when the giggles take affect. Add me on all the things, love meeting new gaming friends. Super easy going, go with the flow, basically, I am a California person lol. Let's play!

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    Welcome!!! I myself just started playing Overwatch...I'm no good at it, but it is fun so far! Are you looking to join a division?


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      HI ShelNel1018 ! Welcome to the forums! I have Overwatch on can add me on BattleNet - BasiliskH2O#1779...although I am EST, so I'll probably be sleeping while you're gaming :P Hope you enjoy your stay! Do plan on joining a division?


      Please follow on Twitter at @BasiliskH2O


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        Welcome to the forums ShelNel1018 !!

        I am on the East cost myself, but you can still find me on Xbox and PC (Though don't message me on I literally NEVER see those messages until like days later).

        I have some serious love for Overwatch. Who are your mains right now? Also - if you are interested in playing with more people, I would recommend joining a division (we have one for Overwatch! You can sign up here). It's really the best way to jump into our community, find friends, and get to play with people on a regular basis!

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