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  • Hello :)

    Hi everyone! My name is Guil my gamertag is Ph0enix53 and I play all sorts of games. The ones that I do play religiously are smite, fortnite, and path of exile. I started smite back in beta in pc and was happy when they were bringing it to xbox. Since then, I have gotten alot better, but want to improve more on conquest (seasons bring new meta so I get lost).

    Now its the personal stuff woohoo! I live in the sunny state of California which makes me a PST gamer ^^. I'm 26 a graphic designer, so if you don't see me on I'm probably doodling, or sleeping. My avatar on xbox is a weeping angel so I apologize in advance for any whovian here. I have a dog so if you guys don't hear me is due to barking hehe. I think that's it for now.

    Thanks for having me!
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    Hey Guil! Welcome! Glad to see you here on the forums. Are you joining a division? Happy gaming!


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      Hiya! I am joining the smite xbox division once I'm a member


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        Awesome! I'm in the halo division. I played smite once or twice and was TERRIBLE at Good luck, I'm sure you'll have a blast!


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          Welcome to the forums, Ph0enix53 ! Best of luck recruiting with the Smite division!!

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            Hey, hey! I'm glad to see you posted an intro! It was nice playing with you the other day! Hopefully we get to play again soon :3
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              Hi and welcome.

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