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Hi, Frankie here.

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  • Hi, Frankie here.

    So I am pumped for Destiny 2. I live in California, PST of course. I'm 23, and a computer science major, still working towards my degree to HOPEFULLY work on games in future. I go by Frankie but you can call me Frank or Francis. My PSN ID is FrankDPTro, I'm open to all games honestly but my main focus will be Destiny 1 & 2 right now. Peace!

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    Destiny 2, PS4 and California?

    Nice to meet you man. I'm also from California and turning 22 in a few days going onto my 4th year in college.
    Add me on PSN - Brawlster_

    As for the Destiny 2 division,
    Here is the link for the application. Let me know if you have any questions.

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      Looks like we're gonna have a pretty solid group for PlayStation Destiny. I'll be getting my PS4 just in time to start with it.

      Looking forward to gaming wth you.

      XBL: SammichMakr PMS PSN: SammichMakrPMS
      B.Net: SandwichMakr#1299 Steam: SandwichMakrPro


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        Welcome! Do you plan on recruiting?
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