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Hello, I'm Flawless01!

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  • Hello, I'm Flawless01!

    I'm here to play Overwatch, win competitive with a group of good people and meet some new friends along the way. My names Joe, my PSN is Psychotoxxic, feel free to add me/invite me to play I'm always down. Nice to meet all you!

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    Hello Flawless01 ! Glad you decided to join us here. Sadly, I currently don't have a PS but when I do. I plan to get Overwatch for it. But for now, I believe we are soon to start a Overwatch PlayStation Trial Division soon. If you wish to join and play with them, try and get in contact with RaylaDevine PMS and she may be able to help meet more Overwatch PlayStation players.
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      Hey it's great to meet you, hopefully you will be joining us in the near future! Looking forword to it. Rayla has contacted me already actually! Thanks for everything


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        Welcome to the forums!

        I have a PS4, but I have Overwatch on my PC already so I might get other games such as Destiny 2.
        Looking forward to playing with you ?)

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          Welcome friendo!
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