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  • Introduce Yourself

    Use this section to take the spotlight. PMS thrives on community. We want to get to know our fellow gamers. Give us your gamertag/handle, location, and let us know a little about yourself.

    Allow me to introduce myself:

    I am Marcella (aka Cella PMS). I'm a southern girl with a city heart. I now live in San Antonio with Athena Twin and Tart. I used to compete in Halo 2, but have since discovered the world beyond FPS. I am definitely a console hopper and proud of it. I love RTS and FPS; however, recently I have been into my MMO, Final Fantasy XI. I travel a lot and enjoy new adventures. I am pretty mellow but catch me on a rare day and I might be off-the-wall crazy. I love meeting other gamers and I love LANs. My gamertag is: PMS C3LLA.

    And you are?

    If you have already made an intro in the spotlight section, please just keep it to one intro.

    If you make another one, it will be merged by a mod. So please just keep it too one in this section.
    It's slightly tacky making another intro when everyone already knows who you are. If you have some new info to add, such as a name change, by all means add it to your old intro and if you want I can change the title of it. Just message me or a mod.
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