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  • Discord App?

    maybe i'm missing something, but i think we could use a discord app! i'm awful at navigating the forums >_<
    also if anyone has any advice on where to start in the forums that would be greatly appreciated!
    i'm also looking to get involved in tournaments & community play nights.

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    The forums get easier to navigate, I promise. Honestly, there's not a whole lot that goes on with the basic forums rights, which you have. But there will be more opened to you as you finish your recruitment. I can definitely speak more in depth with you about anything like this once I get back from my LOA. And hopefully we'll get to play some OW a bit too.

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      Welcome to the forums, Blizzy!

      We are working on getting a Discord channel up and running for use in our PC divisions! I don't have any other information to give you, besides we're working on it xD haha

      Agreed with Sammich - the forums do get easier! Are you recruiting with a particular division right now or interested in joining one?

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        If you didn't already know, there were posts about it and there is a Discord server set up. Information about it can be found here...
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