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That time Paramore became an 80's band

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  • That time Paramore became an 80's band

    I like the song though...

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    PMS Mercy This song has been stuck in my head all week. Thanks

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      Their whole album is quite good, even with the retro sound. Paramore is life.
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        Very indie-esque. Wasn't sure how I'd feel about it since they were originally more punk-pop/rock type of stuff but a HUGE fan of the new album.

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          Oh I love the song and the album. The 80s vibe is just so strong!


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            I really loving their album and the new style they are providing. Really happy they made a new album overall.

            My 3 favorites songs from the album so far is "Told you so", "Tell Me How" and "Fake Happy".
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              They really delivered on this album. They took their usual lyric set and put an upbeat track behind it which really works for them. Caught in the Middle is one of my favorites right now, but overall the album is on point!
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                Originally posted by Callisto H2O View Post
                PMS Mercy This song has been stuck in my head all week. Thanks
                You're welcome

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                  Usually I don't like 80's sounding music but this is actually pretty catchy lol
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                    I <3 Paramore, I've seen so many of their live shows and did a few meet & greets! Cool band!!!