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Xbox Platform Weekend (Round 3) Jan 19th-21st

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  • Xbox Platform Weekend (Round 3) Jan 19th-21st

    This January, to kickstart our year on the Xbox Platform, Xbox Divisions are hosting a series of games every weekend Friday-Sunday!

    Our 3rd and final weekend schedule is below(hosted by):
    • Friday, Jan 19th at 9PM ET - Halo (Phelixia PMS)
    • Saturday, Jan 20th at 9PM ET - Gears of War (TBA)
    • Sunday, Jan 21st at 9PM ET - Fortnite (Ovaryacting PMS)

    To sign up for this weekend, post your Xbox Live Gamertag AND the game(s)/night(s) you are going to attend. Each host will be sending out invites 5 mins before the scheduled time, so be online and ready to have some fun!

    If you have any questions, contact Ovaryacting PMS and Iczoxochitl PMS!

    ❤ Xbox

    1. Phelixia PMS
    2. Ovaryacting PMS
    3. Rabbit PMS
    4. SkyHelatian
    5. EquinoxJR H2O
    6. Iczoxochitl PMS
    7. Deuces56 H2O (Deuces56)
    8. Rachel Vll
    9. H2O JayShazam (Shazam Sway)
    10. H2O AngelofDarkness (maybe)
    11. H2O Monsta

    Gears Of War
    1. H2O Kylo Ren
    2. Rabbit PMS
    3. Deuces56 H2O (Deuces56)

    1. Ovaryacting PMS
    2. Rabbit PMS
    3. Iczoxochitl PMS
    4. Deuces56 H2O (Deuces56)
    5. H2O JayShazam (Shazam Sway)
    6. H2O AngelofDarkness
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    Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!

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    Gears of War 4

    H2O Kylo Ren

    xEnchantress|Rabbit|Rayne|Zombie|Wildcat|Grunt| Ovary|Amanda||Iczo|Callisto|Texas Angel|Magenta|EVILJAK|Skywalker
    Practice Manager - Gears of War 4


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      I would like to sign up for Halo.

      GT: SkyHetalian
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        Sign me up for all 3 again.
        GT: Im Rabbit
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          Sign me up for Halo. GT: Equinox Jr H2O


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            Just a quick note for the Halo XGN this weekend -

            Normally for stuff like this, we tend to do 2 hours of fun customs. I'd like to let everyone know what the plans are for this so you guys can see both sides of our division And you can plan accordingly based on your interests.

            1st Hour: Fun Customs
            2nd Hour: Octagon & Competitive Customs

            XBL: phelixia pms ∙ notphelixia # 1548
            Rabbit ∙ Deuces ∙ Sireniix ∙ SammichMakr

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              Can casuals go?


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                PMS Sticktacular yes ma'am!

                XBL: phelixia pms ∙ notphelixia # 1548
                Rabbit ∙ Deuces ∙ Sireniix ∙ SammichMakr

                >>Play Games. Heal Kids<<


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                  PMS Dark Ivory the Halo Division will still be playing Halo Friday night though! You might want to check it out


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                    sign me up. gt Rachel XII


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                      for halo lol


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                        I'm down for Halo 5 & Fortnite, GT: Shazam Sway


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                          go ahead and sign me up for the lot I dont have any DLC for gears though but ill try to make it


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                            I for sure can do Fortnite. Possibly Halo, but gonna be out lol
                            XBL: H2ODarkendAngel PSN: Turningeye


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                              I know this is super last minute, but sign me up for Halo

                              GT: H2O Monsta
                              Thank you Chaser PMS, Love the Sig!
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                              Much love to everyone else in the Halo Division :mvboogie: