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Play bingo with me and I'll bribe you with prizes. It'a uhh...a reverse bribe. :3

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  • Play bingo with me and I'll bribe you with prizes. It'a uhh...a reverse bribe. :3

    owo A big brand new 4.1 Patch for Final Fantasy 14 comes out on Tuesday! owo

    I'm desperate! Please!
    I need you to play BINGO with me during the PMS/H2O Stream. I'll even give you prizes if you win! W-what do you want? I have it!

    *frantically rummages around in an old trunk*

    You want Square Enix Online Store goodies? They're yours! (ummmm...please, $20 limit!)

    You already play FFXIV and want Optional Items? Here, take them! (eep! t-twenty dollar limit p-please)
    (I think you need to have a FFXIV account to see the items D: )

    Y-you're new to the game want FFXIV, for f-free?? O-ok! (...whew, good thing its only $20...o.o)

    You would rather have a Steam game instead?? Please! T-take whatever you want! (Y-you know the drill...$20 limit D: )

    I s-s-stream the following days after the new FFXIV 4.1 patch comes out.

    Tues (Oct 9th) <------Day patch comes out!
    9:00pm - 12:00 Midnight EST

    Wed (Oct 10th)
    9:00pm - 12:00 Midnight EST

    Thurs (Oct 11th)
    5:00pm - 8:00pm EST

    And for s-some reason if we get a really really good turn out, which will probably never ever EVER happen, I'll think about e-e-e-extend...e-e-extending! Whew! Extending! Extending the stream into the weekend, mainly so that we can play more bingo.

    B-but if no one turns up, I mean, I don't know man. I might have to give up bingo. It's going to hurt but it probably has to be done. But, like, bingo is like one of my favorite things to do when I have free time. So its going to be hard. I've been asked by a l-lot of people, "Hey Ant, why do you play bingo on your streams? What's with the bingo? B-bingo is a lame game man, why not play something else OTHER than bingo? Isn't bingo like for old people?" NO LARRY. BINGO IS FOR EVERYONE LARRY. Y-you think that there are websites totally dedicated to playing bingo and teaching bingo because bingo isn't a big deal? People love their bingo and if you try to take it from them without asking, well, you, uh, y-you may not get the reaction you were expecting! But not me! Bingo and I are going to do all kinds of wonderful things! Just me and bingo. The outside world doesn't understand. Bingo and m-me! Sometimes it's the only friend I've got! Bingo! It's just me and and me on our adventures, bingo. Bingo and me forever and forever a hundred years me and bingo! Me and bingo and me runnin' around and me and bingo time. A-all day long forever...all a-a hundred days me and bingo! Forever a hundred times...over and over me and bingo...adventures dot com...w w w dot at bingo and me dot com w w w bingo and me adventures...ah- hundred years...every minute bingo and me dot com...w w w a hundred and me dot com.

    Oh yeah, patch notes.
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    O-oh yeah, s-s-some people have been asking me to see a bingo card. And, um, I forgot that there are a few rules that need to be adheared, adhereded? adhearded? um...FOLLOWED. So here they a-are!

    Just know that you c-can't use this particular bingo card! No cheating is in the rules! It's not allowed! D:
    Example Bingo Card.jpg

    Also, h-here are the rules. A friend of mine typed them up for me.

    Thanks for participating in Bingo!
    Please read the following rules and instructions CAREFULLY.

    1. No cheating. Cheaters in any way/shape/form will be disqualified.
    2. We play "Lines" rules Bingo, which means you just have to get 5 in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
    2. You must be following or subscribed to the PMS Twitch channel to get your prize.
    3. Only 1 bingo card allowed per person following the stream.
    4. Bingo cards are generated randomly from a bingo generator.
    5. You may only win once from Bingo.
    6. You may exchange your card for another only up to 3 times, but the new card will reset your Bingo progress.

    1. Follow or subscribe to the PMS Clan Twitch channel
    2. Private message me on Discord (Introvert Ant#6394) (you may have to add me as a friend) to receive a bingo card and INSTRUCTIONS.
    3. Follow the stream and record the bingo marks you get (to make my life easier, record the date and time you got the bingo mark).
    4. If you get a bingo, get my attention in stream chat or in discord.
    5. I will verify your bingo and bingo card.
    6. If a win is verified, I will announce it on the stream
    7. Winners will need to provide me with their relevant info to receive their gift (be it their Steam info, in game name, etc).
    8. Prizes will be settled after the stream is over.

    Bingo Rewards
    Bingo winners will have a choice of the following:

    1. Something from the Square Enix Online store ($20 limit please!)
    2. Item(s) from the FFXIV Optional Item store ($20 limit please!)
    3. A copy of the game I'm playing for free
    4. Steam game(s) of your choice ($20 limit please!)

    Rewards will be settled after the stream is over for the day.
    Thank you! :3


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      I love this idea! This is so clever!

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        T-thanks Phelixia! D:


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          Congratulations to H2O_Extreme for being a winner at bingo! :3 Woooo! (whew! someone won at bingo o.o; I was getting scared for a second there!)


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            So, I decided we'll keep playing bingo during FFXIV stream. However, my stream times have changed. Please reference the stream schedule document for when I stream!



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              That's such an awesome idea, I hope you get some awesome turn outs