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Posted 06-15-2012 at 04:38 PM by holyfluff

I have had the most productive week I've had in quite awhile. I got a job. I got my permit back. I start my classes on Monday and I start my new job on Monday. I'm finally getting my life together. Even though I'm still young. I'm proud of myself.
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Idk anymore.

Posted 06-08-2012 at 03:59 AM by H2O Seriously Zen

Never been more lost in my life like I am right now
I feel like a zombie and nothing is ever going to change it
No matter how hard I pray, I wish, and even dream
The fates always the same
Bleak and harsh emotion flow
Sorry is the only thing I can say
I give it all up into the hands of fate and reason
Maybe one of them knows my purpose
I just don't know anymore...
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Posted 06-07-2012 at 03:15 PM by holyfluff

I would just like to say YAY. I'm officially a college student. Information Technology(IT). Even though I'm not concerned with the money made involved after I get my degree.. there's alot of money in it. :P So, yeah. I start classes soon. The 18th. Short but sweet.
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That is so not necessary.

Posted 05-30-2012 at 06:39 PM by holyfluff

I just found out that my brother's ex-girlfriend punched him in the face and broke his nose. She thought he was cheating on her and they're not even together. Even if he ever did, they're not even together anymore. That's my little brother. Well.. we're 8 months apart but still.. that's MY little brother. I want to protect him. I don't really like violence, but it's my family. If I just talk to her about it she'll make a big deal out of it and turn everything all around on him. She was never exactly...
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My TERAdventure #2 : Game Mechanics

Posted 05-29-2012 at 07:01 PM by H2O Shoagie

Since my last blog I had a birthday, funeral, Memorial Day and headed out to a local LAN at the Ohio State Campus. I've had my gaming fix but I still fit a few hours of Tera in and should be well rested for some nice leveling today.

So, the topic of today's blog will be game mechanics and how they can be suited to almost any type of MMO player or general gamer. Tera is also the perfect game to get console gamers to cross over in to PC gaming.

There are three ways that...
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