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10-31-2010 until 12-01-2020
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Reminder: Policy on Cheating & Glitching

Ethical Standards of Personal Responsibility

PMS|H2O Clan expects that its Members act with the highest ethical standards while conducting Clan business. Doing the right thing and acting with integrity are the two driving forces behind both the PMS Clan’s success and the H2O Clan’s main purpose. When faced with ethical issues, Members are expected to make a professional decision, consistent with PMS|H2O Clan’s principles and standards or they may be susceptible to immediate termination from the clan.
All Members of PMS|H2O Clan are to always play fair.
There is to be no cheating/glitching of any kind.
This includes but is not limited to:
  • Using cheat codes
  • Using a modified console to obtain access to software or services without paying
  • Stand-bying, bridging, or ANY other form of interfering with another Gamer's connectivity.
  • Allowing another gamer to use a Clan OR Personal Gamertag|Tag|Handle to increase in-game rank or unlock achievements/trophies.

If Members are caught cheating, or knowingly participating in a game where other people on the team were cheating, it may result in immediate membership termination from PMS Clan Inc.
  • If Members find themselves in this situation, they are required to immediately quit the game and report the situation to their direct Leader.

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