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01-08-2009 until 12-08-2020
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Posting Decorum and Replying To Others

I just want to make a quick announcement that honestly I wish I didn't have to make and make sure you all understand that despite the fact that we are a little more liberal with people and threads, this is still an open and friendly community. Rude reply's and general hostile behavior to other community members will NOT be tolerated.

With an influx of new members and a slight apathetic wave that seems to be moving through our community, it saddens me to see an increase of rude posts and less welcoming posts.
  • Your post WILL be removed by leaders, mods, or admins if found to be rude or hostile to other members.
  • Don't be a troll, flamer, or general forum griefer just to get attention or show how "different" or "unique" you are. It's old and looks pretty tacky.
  • Don't think you're a privileged community member because you're a former clan member/leader/or Admin/leader favorite. All staff members have friends in the community. But trust me when I say there will be no special treatment here if you violate forum rules. If a leader/mod/admin is found giving special privileges in any way, they will be dealt with as well.
  • If you find a consistent hostile poster ignore their post and just report it.
  • If you are a clan member that is a hostile poster, note that there may be more severe repercussions that involve your division status. I suggest not jeopardizing your future in the clan for a little attention, if you're having a bad day, or just to join another persons bandwagon.
  • If you the OP(original poster) and you're friends with the person being hostile or it's an inside joke..please make that clear in the post and understand if we don't know what's going on, it will just be removed. So if you don't want your friend looking like a jerk, let us know.

-Gypsyfly PMS
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