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To Outside Clans

I just wanted to take moment to welcome all gaming communities to You're all free to roam and check out our handbook and rules. We love to see you fill our forums with meaningful posts and updating us about events in our Event Section. Please make sure to read all posted rules and guidelines. It's generally a good idea to read a few posts first to get a "feeling" for the community. When you're ready to post make an Introduction thread and say hi!

If you see something you like by all means use it as a guide to help build your community. We would definitely appreciate it if you stated where you took your structure and ideas from though. This by all means is not an invitation to plagiarize our handbook, or copy us in every way. However, we are very open with how our clan and organization is structured and run. If you want questions or advice ask in our General section, we have a ton of folks from other clans or people not in a clan at all, regardless all of us in the community can give you advice.

Again, if you use something or borrow something from PMS (not our names, logos, or slogans, trademarks obviously), please remember to acknowledge us. We usually find out if you don't ; )

In order to build a flourishing and enduring community you need to have your own identity to keep the interest of your members. And in order to have any luck with sponsorship to grow that community and build incentives for your members you definitely need something of your own to attract attention.

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PMS & H2O...More than a name and what YOU make it!

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