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Editorial team presents their thoughts on E3 2013
News Posted on 21st, June, 2013
Learn what the editorial team thought of the biggest gaming show of the year, and share your own thoughts!

E3 has come and gone, and PMS Clan's editorial team wanted to share what they came away with after the biggest gaming show of the year. What did you guys think of E3 this year? Let us know in the comments!

PMS Nova
E3 2013 stirred up tons of excitement for the gaming industry. Part of what makes this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo so interesting is the next gen console battle. Besides taking a few swings at Microsoft, Sony has revealed some interesting bits of information that any Indie game developer will be interested to hear.

While I'm not the biggest Sony fan, I was interested to learn that the PS4 will be making a push to allow independent game studios to self-publish their titles. Sony has been continuously striving to create the most unique experience for indie game developers and the indie game fan base, another sign they intend to diversify the game selection for consumers. As an aspiring game developer, this was promising news and, as such, makes the console purchasing decision that much harder on me. Looking forward to what this holiday season will have to offer!

PMS Goosechecka
I almost don’t know where to begin. As promised, Microsoft dedicated their E3 air time to showing off games and the capabilities of Xbox One. There were shooters, creation games, awkwardly staged banter, and some pretty fantastic graphics. For many, the reveal of Master Chief at the end of the panel was a huge surprise only trumped by wonderment of why he was wearing a Jedi robe. Microsoft also clarified many questions regarding their DRM... most of which they later recanted.

I, personally, was very excited that Microsoft is pushing digital games and features to support digital gaming. I thought Microsoft had a well-presented panel. I felt they were really pushing forward - just like they did with the required ethernet port on the original Xbox - and setting up the Xbox for the future. With the retraction of DRM policies, it seems as if Xbox fans will be sitting in the same stand-still parking lot of the present rather than racing down the super sonic space highway of the future. But, as always, November is a long way away and it will be interesting to see what happens.

Harpy PMS
E3 came with many announcements and tons of new games I am looking forward to! First of all, I must say that I am very excited to see a new Smash Bros. game in the works! I have been a huge Smash Bros. fan since the N64, and I cannot wait to play with Megaman and the WiiFit trainer.

The main title that had me drooling would be Titanfall. I have been a huge Call of Duty fan since Call of Duty 4. In the Infinity Ward Vs. Treyarch debate and their different styles of “CoD” in the earlier days, I always prefered IW. After the sticky split between IW and the creation of Respawn, I have been itching to get my hands on Respawn's new game. Titanfall includes the ability to pilot a mech and gives this future-warfare a sci-fi feel! I am very excited to see where they take Titanfall, and I will most certainly have a copy in my hands when it lands on shelves in 2014.

h2o mystakin
Amidst a console PR war so blatant it felt reminiscent of the old "Sega does what Nintendon't" ads, there was one game that stood out to me at E3. One game that, upon initial viewing, floored me. One game that, on its own, sold me on the next generation of gaming hardware. That game was Tom Clancy's The Division.

The Division appears to be the action-MMO I've wanted for so long. The demo, which debuted at Ubisoft's press conference, follows a series of online friends entering an apocalyptic city in the search of... something. We aren't entirely sure at first. The group gets a distress call from a police station and decide to investigate. As they arrive at the station, they become embroiled in a firefight to enter the building. At this time, it becomes clear that this third-person shooter is borrowing skill elements from RPGs, which piques my interest. After they dispose of their foes and enter the station, the players' motivations become clear. They enter a vault with a series of loot rewards for their quest including a new rifle! As they leave the station, one player launches an extraction beacon to finish their mission. The calm is short lived, though, as rival players break up their extraction and prevent their escape! Third-person action mixed with skills, loot, and a lingering fear of PvP? Sign me up, Ubisoft!

All images blatantly thieved from GiantBomb

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Date: Saturday June 22nd, 2013 07:05
It is suspected that the Halo Game trailer that was shown is a all new Halo game not Halo 5. Frank O'Connor stated on his blog. As for the Xbox One would have been a good idea to have the family share thing with family or friends. I am also looking forward to there awesome line up of video games. Nice article.
Date: Friday July 5th, 2013 04:24
Surprised that Destiny wasn't mentioned here! The preview that I had the pleasure to watch, had me drooling all over myself.
Great write-up!
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