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Editorial Team's Thoughts on February's PS4 Event
News Posted on 22nd, March, 2013
What did you think of Sony's next-generation announcement?

Around this time last month, Sony held an announce event for their next-generation console, the PS4. The PMS Clan editorial team thought we'd share our thoughts on the event! Let us know what you thought of the PS4 in the comments section!

PMS Nova
Sony not only announced the arrival of the PlayStation 4, but showed off a bulkier controller design which had me asking questions. For starters, there is an attachment of a light source at the very top, possibly supporting rumors of integrating the Move controller functionality into the controller itself. The controllers also feature a touch pad located in the center which takes up quite a bit of space. To compensate, it looks like as though several features of the controller have been adjusted – realigned analog sticks, a slightly newer D-pad design, and lower set triggers buttons. The controller adjustments make me wonder if Sony designers took fan feedback for a more Xbox 360 controller look-and-feel into consideration.

PMS Goosechecka
As a die-hard Xbox fan, I felt dirty watching the PS4 announcement video and was sure to say 50 Hail Master Chiefs once I finished. Having not touched a PlayStation since 2000, it's nice to know the DualShock controller is still around. It would have been even more reassuring to have been able to see how the PS4 compared aesthetically to its predecessors but, well, you know… It's kind of like that scene in the Little Mermaid when the concert is held in Ariel's honor but she's not there because she's too busy staring at a fork, er, dinglehopper.

I have to admit that the ability to play games while downloading excites the immediate gratification needs of my subconscious. The built-in streaming ability is also a useful addition in line with the natural evolution of gaming from an individual entertainment to an internet-based shared experience.

Overall, there's just too many unknowns about the PS4 - even basic things like price and a concrete release date - for me to get excited just yet.

Harpy PMS
As an owner of a PS3 and longtime fan of Sony, the announcement for the PS4 was very exciting for me! The most interesting reveal was the new controller. I'm happy to see the controller bulk up a little bit. I have always preferred my XBOX 360 controller to the PS3 controller because of its size. I know the chatter of a touch pad on the controller has created a ton of buzz, but Sony has not released specific details on how it will effect gameplay just yet. I’m hoping for a display to go along with the controller and enhanced gameplay options with the feature.

I am curious to see how the new PS4 will go with Playstation Move. I know there have been pictures of a larger camera with the wands, but only time will tell what exactly Playstation has in store for us with Move!

Overall, I am excited for the system, although, it would be nice to see a press release on the size, shape, and price point. Hopefully this will be released soon and we can expect a new toy this Holiday season!

h2o mystakin
I don't know what all this chatter about controllers and hardware is about. The PS4 event impressed me with its games! Two games in particular caught my eye. The Witness, a game by Braid creator Jonathon Blow, was shown off in its first trailer at the event. The trailer seems to promise a first-person puzzle adventure with tons of style and atmosphere. The trailer itself was vague and mysterious, which is part of what makes me anxious to know more. Having a big indie name like Jonathon Blow at your release press conference also speaks volumes to Sony's dedication to small third-parties, which happen to be the types of developers I enjoyed most last generation.

The game I'm most interested in, though, is Knack. While most people froth at the mouth for realistic visuals in games, I've always preferred cartoonish or stylized visuals. A stronger console can create a more realistic image, sure, but it can also clean up the rough edges of a design. This is how I feel about Knack, a character-action game based around a tiny robot with magnetic powers. With designs that seem to mix Japanese and Western art styles, Knack carves out a unique style I haven't seen in games in a long time. It feels almost like a mix between Pixar and Astro Boy. The gameplay remains to be seen, of course, but if it can hold up to the art design and cinematography, it will win me over instantly.

All images courtesy of Giant Bomb

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Date: Friday March 22nd, 2013 23:53
I did watch this. I am a member in the COD xbox division. I honestly think the PS4 is going to be more successful after seeing this and seeing what has been confirmed as true about the next xbox.
Date: Wednesday May 1st, 2013 07:14
Nothing has been confirmed true for the next Xbox. At all. Until May 21, everything you've heard is pure rumor and speculation.
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