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A Brief Look at XBOX Indie Games Title: Murder Miners
News Posted on 13th, March, 2013
Twice the Game You May Think It Is

In a continuing quest to delve into the indie games available on Xbox 360, a certain FPS title caught my eye. The cover art for Murder Miners was intriguing, to say the least, and the name attached to it had me curious. The full game was released in September of 2012 and was already getting some interesting reviews. I decided to shell out the 80 MSP and take a look for myself.

Murder Miners is a successful blend of two top selling games already out there. In truth, if the original Halo and the ever popular Minecraft were to come together and create any sort of spawn, Murder Miners would be it. JForce Games has seemingly linked these two popular titles and made a unique experience out of it all. The game is made up of pixelated blocks which form the arenas/maps where up to 20 players can duke it out online, but it's more than just multiplayer. The single player campaign is comprised of a somewhat outmatched zombie-mode, albeit the enemies run way too fast and hit just as hard. JForce games has paid special attention to getting this combination of two beloved franchises just right.

Multiplayer packs a ton of fun, however, and is the perfect place to show off your skills in the simplest or most complex of maps. The online experience boasts Deathmatch options and the Zombie mode mentioned before. Perhaps the most interesting thing I came across, however, was the Design mode available to players. Grab some friends and set to work modifying any of the levels that are already available or simply construct an entire new map. I soon found myself exploring the many maps that have already been created by numerous players. It wasn’t long before I found myself in an exact replica of the “Hang Em High” Halo map, recreated by JForce, that gave me a bit of a nostalgic vibe. Most of the recreations are spot on and, mostly, full of players that are already devoted fans.

In-game, players have the usual arsenal – machine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, pistol, etc. Players will never crave more creative levels as they are constantly being added by other players and with destructive environments, the experience is always different. The landscapes change with each blast of a weapon, and players can build or break down their own constructible barriers. I even ran across a sniper on my team who was tucked away in his own mini-fort he built two levels up on a certain map. The pistol packs a punch, by the way!

Murder Miners is as simple as it gets – a smart marriage of two successful franchises that work surprisingly well together. The experience feels different despite the familiarity, and one is sure to lose hours in the crafting mechanics. JForce Games has a long list of plans for the future, some that have already come to fruition. The game has been gaining fierce popularity and already has a strong, devoted fan base. In January, JForce even announced their addition of a Red vs Blue League, a welcome and quite hilarious competition that is already underway in the pixelated, reimagined Halo maps everyone has come to love. For 80 MSP, I hope you might be intrigued enough to give this hidden treasure a chance! Addiction awaits!

Written by PMS Nova, member of the PMS|H2O Editorial Team. Follow her on Twitter!

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