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Gamer Spotlight: PMS fixie!
News Posted on 8th, March, 2013
Get to know PMS fixie!

PMS Goosechecka: When did you join the clan and why?
PMS fixie: I joined the clan in August 2011. At the time I was looking for a nice clan to play Call of Duty with, I tried a few other clans before I found PMS. Needless to say I liked what I found. Everyone I have met here are fun and light hearted.

PMS Goosechecka: Where does the name 'Fixie' come from?
PMS fixie: When I first joined PMS I went by the name feaR, I decided it was time for a change once I completed my recruitment. So I picked the name fixie, it came from the fact that I like fixed gear bikes, I ride mine every chance I get, her name is Bella (the bike).

PMS Goosechecka: Other than member, what other positions have you held within the clan?
PMS fixie: I did not hold any offices until I transferred to the Battlefield 3 Division. A few months after joining BF3 I became the Recruitment Manager, it is a fun job at times. Just recently at the end of last year I also became the PC Streaming Manager. Mostly this job is designed to find content to put up on the PMS | H2O twitch page, sometimes that is finding someone who would like to play some games every week on the stream, or better yet getting matches and practices streamed on our page.

PMS Goosechecka: What is your favorite color?
PMS fixie: Blue NOOO green.... AHHHHHHHHHH...
Sorry I could not resist I love Monty Python.

PMS Goosechecka: What kind of games do you enjoy playing the most?
PMS fixie: I really like to play first person shooters, and from time to time I also like to play real time strategy games, mostly Starcraft II for now.

PMS Goosechecka: What is the first video game you ever played?
PMS fixie: I remember the first game on a computer I played was some Star Trek game on our family's Macintosh SE. Then we got a NES, and I played Excitebike and Duck Hunt to DEATH. Then when Starcraft came out I was really hooked, I played over my 56k modem like a boss!

PMS Goosechecka: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
PMS fixie: Living in a base on the moon. Dream big or go home.

PMS Goosechecka: What is your dream job?
PMS fixie: My all time best dream job would be a National Park Ranger, it requires a lot more than you might think, with a masters or PHD in forestry, or ecology.

PMS Goosechecka: If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
PMS fixie:
1.Free education for all who wish it, all the way though a BA.
2.Free healthcare for everyone, everywhere.
3.No more hate or discrimination based on age, race, sexual orientation, gender, or gender presentation.

PMS Goosechecka: What do you do when you're not gaming?
PMS fixie: Every week I go out and play in a boffer LARP (live action role playing) called Amtgard. I play as an archer, so really I am playing a FPS, live action style. I also enjoy gardening, camping, backpacking, and of course cycling.

PMS Goosechecka: Do you have a gaming catchphrase / ritual / trademark?
PMS fixie: Well this is going to be kind of weird, but I wash my hands after every round in a tournament. I also keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol and micro fiber cloth to clean my keyboard and mouse around 4 times a day.

PMS Goosechecka: Final question: Chocolate, vanilla, or something else?
PMS fixie: CHOCOLATE, covered in chocolate, with some chocolate mixed in for texture.

Written by PMS Goosechecka. Goosechecka is a member of the PMS|H2O Editorial Team and the Content and Community Manager at GrifballHub.com. You can follow her on Twitter!

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Date: Sunday March 10th, 2013 12:48
Yay Fixie!! I've known you for so long and I had no idea all this amazing stuff about you!!
Date: Sunday March 10th, 2013 15:29
Fixie!! _3
Date: Thursday March 14th, 2013 11:28
yup yup, anyone want to go backpacking?
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