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Dance Central 3 Review
News Posted on 25th, November, 2012
PMS Goosechecka gets down with her bad self and tells us what she thinks of Harmonix's latest dance game.

I have been an avid fan of the Dance Central series since the original was released in 2010. Not only does Dance Central allow you to claim that you “work out” on a regular basis, it also makes you a hit at weddings when you lead everyone in choreographed moves to Poker Face.

One of the best things about this franchise is how each game has been leaps and bounds better than the one before it. Every iteration offers new, innovative features, more complex routines, and a greater variety of songs to shake your tailfeathers to. Dance Central 3 really does take shaking your groove-thang to a whole new level.

The biggest change between Dance Central 3 and the previous two games is the campaign mode. You are a secret dance agent traveling through time to fight dance crimes perpetrated by the evil Dr. Tan. No spoilers, but story mode is a great way to get introduced to some of the new moves and features Dance Central 3 has to offer.

The choreography has improved from previous games, as well. The moves are definitely more intricate and technical than any game before and some songs were even choreographed by the incredibly handsome and talented Usher. If you're not quite ready to throw down the expert level moves, no worries! Dance Central 3 has an improved training mode that breaks down songs into individual moves and sets of choreography.

One of my favorite aspects of Dance Central 3 is the work out mode. The previous game introduced the concept, but Dance Central 3 has made fitness more of a focus. DC3 features enhanced calorie tracking features and fitness playlists that target different muscles or fitness goals -- i.e. cardio, low impact, etc. Even if you're not in the fitness playlists, you can turn fitness tracking on and track your progress in any of the game's modes. For example, I was playing through the story mode and before I knew it, two hours had flown by and I'd burned over 200 calories!

Dance Central 3 offers an innovative new feature titled Crew Throwdown. It's a competitive mode where two teams of up to four go head-to-head in epic dance battles. These battles include mini-games such as Keep the Beat and Make Your Move. Keep the Beat is a head to head freestyle mode where players dance and accrue points without the typical Dance Central move cards dictating the performance. Make Your Move makes one player to dance a unique move on his or her own, and asks the other player to repeat that person's performance. And just like in Dance Central 2, you can always see how your scores measure up to other gamers on your friends list.

The song selection in Dance Central 3 is varied and one of the best parts of the game. I had a blast getting to bust out YMCA one moment, the Macarena the next, and wrap it all up with some Bieber. And the best is yet to come! Harmonix recently announced that Gangnam Style will be downloadable content!

Overall, Dance Central 3 is a fantastic game that delivers a social, athletic, exciting, and fun game experience to dancers of all skill levels.

Written by PMS Goosechecka. Goosechecka is a member of the PMS|H2O Editorial Team and the Content and Community Manager at GrifballHub.com. You can follow her on Twitter!

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