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Gamer Spotlight: PMS TheSkittles
News Posted on 7th, September, 2012
Get to know Call of Duty Practice Manager, PMS TheSkittles!

Harpy PMS: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
PMS TheSkittles: My name is Kerri but I go by Skittles here and on video games. I'm 18 and live in Pennsylvania, although I hate it and cannot wait to leave, haha. I'm taking a year off of school before going to college to be a vet. I'm enjoying my time working at a boarding kennel and being practice manager for the Call of Duty division.

Harpy PMS: How long have you been gaming?
PMS The Skittles: Probably around four and a half to five years now.

Harpy PMS: What would you say is your favorite video game of all time?
PMS TheSkittles: Call of Duty For the Win!

Harpy PMS: How did you find out about PMS Clan?
PMS TheSkittles: I was in a clan that started on the gamerchix treehouse section of the xbox live forums and while we would play matches a lot of people would ask us if we had heard of the PMS clan. Eventually when that clan died out, I got tired of playing by myself and decided to look up the clan and join it.

Harpy PMS: Can you give us a highlight of the positions you've held while in the clan?
PMS TheSkittles: When I finished recruitment, I almost immediately became a practice captain and have remained a practice captain since. Last year, I was finally old enough to apply for a division staff position and Practice Co-manager opened up so I applied and got it. Not long after, I became Practice Manager. In the past few months, I have become a member of the PMS|H2O Forum Moderator team as well as the Upload/Playlist manager for the PMS|H2O Youtube Team.

Harpy PMS: So how did you decide on PMS TheSkittles?
PMS TheSkittles: My dad used to call me "Skittles" because according to him I was "a rainbow of emotions." When I made my Xbox LIVE Tag, I went with xThe Skittlesx so when I joined PMS, I just added PMS to it, haha.

Harpy PMS: What is your most memorable moment that involves the clan?
PMS TheSkittles: It would probably have to be back when it was still the Call of Duty 4 division. During the guest practices we would play Hardcore Headquarters on Shipment with explosives only. Best Time Ever! Haha.

Harpy PMS: If you could pick anywhere to go in the world, where would it be?
PMS TheSkittles: Gosh thats a tough one, haha. Only one place? I would probably have to pick Australia or someplace tropical.

Harpy PMS: Would you like to give any shout outs?
PMS TheSkittles: To my sisters, Wicked(even though she's been MIA for forever), Vertigo, Eternity, and JediMstrKris. My best birthday buddy H2O SLAY3R and finally my wonderful H2O FearCell.

Harpy PMS: Finally, would you please give us 5 random facts about yourself?
PMS The Skittles:
1. I am training my Australian Shepherd for Obedience and Agility trials.
2. I went through two and a half to three months of recruitment when I joined PMS.
3. I have wanted to be a Vet since I was four or five years old.
4. I get obsessed with the randomest shows on tv.
5. I should be asleep right now.

Written by Chelsea "Harpy PMS" Law. Chelsea is the PMS|H2O Assistant Editorial Director.

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Date: Sunday September 9th, 2012 17:06
least i know who to hit up when my pet is feeling down
Date: Thursday September 27th, 2012 02:35
yay skittles _3 gl with school!!
Date: Thursday September 27th, 2012 02:36
that _3 was supose to be a _3 heart :D
Date: Friday October 26th, 2012 08:56
Dr Skitz! You're the best! _3
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