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Gamer Spotlight: H2O Snaze
News Posted on 26th, January, 2012
Get to know our Ventrilo & Game Server leader, H2O Snaze!

H2O Mystakin: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
H2O Snaze: My name is Garreth but everyone just calls me Snaze, even my older brother and all of my real friends. I have been playing games since I was in the second grade -- like a boss. I started my recruitment in October, 2011, so I am still fairly new to the clan. I started with the Starcraft 2 division, had a blast there and still do! I have also joined up as the team leader for the Ventrilo/game servers, and recently got promoted to help out the NA PMS|H2O Call of Duty division as a practice captain. I am having an amazing time with everyone!

H2O Mystakin: Awesome, what got you into gaming originally?
H2O Snaze: Well, my brother (H2O Hamstray) got me started back in second grade, and I enjoyed it so much that I kept playing them. I have always been a PC platform guy. I have tried playing console games online, but I always seem to get steam rolled when I try.

H2O Mystakin: Any particular games that stand out to you from your early gaming life?
H2O Snaze: Counter-Strike is the one game that really started my love for online computer games.

H2O Mystakin: Ahh, Source or 1.6?
H2O Snaze: 1.6

H2O Mystakin: Of course!
H2O Snaze: Hehe.

H2O Mystakin: What brought you to the PMS clan? How did you hear about it and what made you want to join?
H2O Snaze: My good friend Paul (H2O October) told me about their Starcraft 2 division and said I should take a look at the site and apply. I looked at the site and fell in love with the community and all the different divisions that the clan provides for people.

H2O Mystakin: What lead you from Starcraft 2 to Call of Duty?
H2O Snaze: Being a ventrilo/game server leader I liked to talk with all the division leaders that I have servers under to make sure that they know they can come to me anytime if they have server problems. I used to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 all the time and I thought it would be fun to play again. So I talked to PMS Cool Queenie to see if it would be ok for me to join a few practices, and she was thrilled. I started playing with the division and they really enjoyed me being there and playing with them, so I kept it up and have had amazing time with the division.

H2O Mystakin: Nice! Speaking of being the vent/game server leader, explain that a bit for anyone who may not know what that entails.
H2O Snaze: I have the awesome job of making sure that all the game servers that we have are all updated and working, ventrilo is up, and all the requests of new accounts/changes are done. Also, I am on call when a problem comes up with the servers and something needs to be fixed ASAP.

H2O Mystakin: We've already talked about Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike, but are there any other games or franchises that are near to your heart?
H2O Snaze: The Bioshock games are by far my favorite of all time. Besides that,I play just about everything from FPS to MMORPG. I do find myself more of an FPS man than anything else.

H2O Mystakin: Where does your PMS clan tag come from? Any fun stories there?
H2O Snaze: Not really, haha. I forgot how I came up with it, but I think I have been using it for about 10 years. Within the past two years people started calling me Snaze in real life now, haha.

H2O Mystakin: Sometimes that's the craziest story of all. When your tag seeps into real life but you can't even remember where it came from.
H2O Snaze: Very true.

H2O Mystakin: Do you have any shout-outs to other clan members or people in general?
H2O Snaze: My brother H2O Hamstray, two very close friends H2O October, H2O RubixRambo, my big brother (clan big brother/sister) H2O Chenbi, and big sister KTN PMS.

H2O Mystakin: Lastly, what are 5 cool random facts that people may not know about you?
H2O Snaze:
1. I prefer sleeping on a couch then a bed.
2. I have huge neon sign.
3. I only sleep when my body forces me to sleep.
4: I have to eat before I go to bed.
5: I have had 11 surgeries in one year.

You can follow H2O Snaze on his twitter

Written by Erich "H2O mystakin" Sherman. Erich is the PMS|H2O Editorial Director. Keep track of him and his shenanigans on Twitter!

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Date: Thursday January 26th, 2012 13:53
Great Article!
Date: Thursday January 26th, 2012 16:19
Nice article! Snaze it's been a pleasure working with you
Date: Friday January 27th, 2012 09:52
Love the article!
P.S You look like Tosh.0 Jus'sayin :P
Date: Wednesday February 8th, 2012 01:47
Snaze is a sweetheart _3
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